The Intelligent Payment Solution

Building the future of modular Financial Services – debit cards, digital wallets, IBANs, remittance/FX, payment gateways and more. Buy, sell and Transfer Digital Assets to anyone instantly. Spend anywhere in the world with our Debit Card*

*Available in EEA Countries only.

The Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme do not apply to the digital assets activities or services carried out by InfiPay Therefore, you should carefully consider whether purchasing or holding these assets and if they are suitable for you.

InfiPay App

Go Far & Beyond

InfiPay app offers a complete range of services that allow you to go far and beyond. Hold and transfer Fiat (EUR, GBP, USD all in one app), buy and sell digital currencies at the best prices – send it to other platform members free of charge.

Store your Fiat and digital currencies and spend it seamlessly in over 45 million stores in the world with the InfiPay Card™.

Why choose InfiPay?

Our perfect financial product offering, using next-generation Fintech and

Blockchain disruptive technologies.

Mobile Accounts, IBANS as a Service

Spend Digital Assets instantly

International Debit Card (Visa, MC & UPI)

Interbank FX Rates

Payment Gateways- accept any debit/credit card

Low fee International Remittance

Text Digital Assets & Fiat by SMS

Lending, Investment, Savings and loyalty

Debit Card

Spend Fiat and Digital Assets Anywhere

Load your contactless InfiPay Card™ with Fiat (EUR, GBP, USD) and digital assets.

The InfiPay Card™ will let you shop at over 45 million merchants worldwide, both online and in-store

Buy & Sell

Instant Exchange

Buy and sell digital currency with a linked Debit Card* or Account via SEPA or Faster Payment transfers.

Convert and swap one digital currency for another with instant settlement. Buy crypto with Fiat or convert digital currency to Fiat (EUR, GBP, USD)

Currently Available Coins – BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and XRP

*Only €9.95 P&P

Send & Receive

Send Digital Assets for Free
With TextBit*

Normally, if you wanted to send some digital assets to a friend or family member you have to pay mining fees to the network.

*TextBit is a service enabling customers to send digital assets via SMS for free to each other and yes, it’s that simple.


Manage Fiat and Digital Currency on Mobile

Send and receive Fiat (EUR, GBP, USD) and digital currency with ease. Control and spend your Fiat and digital currency while you’re on the move with easy-to-use account wallets.

Customers’ wallets are insured for non fault loss through hacking* up to $100 million.


The Intelligent Payment Solution

InfiPay will be the most sought after financial platform which will not only provide speedy payment solutions but will also let you save money on various retail and investment operations.

Peer to Peer Payment Network

Will operate throughout the world

International Payment Transfer

Minimum Currency Exchange Fee

Operational Registration

Fully KYC and AML compliant


  • Q4 2020 Personal and Business Payment Solutions
  • Q1 2021 Remittance
  • Q2 2021 Lending Services
  • Q3 2021 Visa Debit Card